Voting in America: Myth and Reality

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People are increasingly put off from politics in the West. Voter numbers are falling, attitudes towards the government are cynical, and trust in the political process is in pieces. The argument is simple: voting is futile—it will not change a thing.

It’s crystal clear that the system serves a small elite, not ordinary people like you and me. It’s big business, lobbyists, and their relationships with politicians that decide law, legislation, and policy.

Despite this reality, we find some Muslims stubbornly holding onto the myth that their votes count. That, if Muslims were better coordinated, they would bag Muslim-friendly government officials. The sad reality is that this is an act of desperation—as it holds on to the hollow mirage that even people in the West are rejecting. Many, who are becoming exhausted at the failure of their system, are looking for alternatives, yet some Muslims look backwards, to a failed system and a system that does not secure Islamic interests.