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Turkey Building a Wall to Divide the Ummah

It is astonishing that in the month known for unity and the breaking of borders that Muslims witness the continued divisions of their lands and people.

And while the Muslims, and indeed the world, focus on the humiliating and unprecedented fall out between the Gulf States, all being played out under American’s supervision and interest, Turkey is quietly pushing along its plan to reinforce an existing border.

Though it cannot be ignored that over two million Syrian refugees are displaced in Turkey, it should neither be forgotten that there should be no concept of ‘Muslim refugees’ in Muslim lands.

The wall being constructed along ‘the border’ between Turkey and Syria serves only to reinforce the disconnection of a land and a people that were once connected.

Let’s put this into perspective. While Erdogan builds this wall to divide, in 1452 Mohammed Al-Fatih built the Rumli Fort (in just four months!) on the Bosphorous strait to liberate Constantinople and breakdown a barrier and connect a land and people. This was a legacy for Erdogan to inherit.

It is the same legacy he should have inherited on Palestine, when Sultan Abdul Hamid II refused to concede any part of the land of Palestine. But Erdogan chose neither to inherit this legacy with his unashamed ties with the illegal occupier of Palestine.

Clearly, Erdogan is no son of an Ottoman and the blessed month has provided reminders to the Muslims of the need to establish the sincere Islamic leadership to govern and protect her.

Source:  Daily Sabah