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“Taking Back” Mosul

The long-awaited operation to ‘take back’ Mosul, which began on 16-Oct 2016, involving a coalition of more than 30,000 troops drawn from Iraqi army forces, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Shia militias, supported by airstrikes from a US-led coalition, has reached its end, as per official statements.

Since 2014, the people of Mosul have suffered tremendously. But to contextualize it, all the people of Iraq, irrespective of religious denomination, have suffered since Britain seized it from the Ottoman Khilafah, during World War I and eventually gaining ‘Independence’ in 1932.

Reflecting the entire Middle East, Iraq has oscillated between western interests, each colonial power fighting the other to impose its puppet regime to rule and control both economic and political interests. British political control waned after she lost Saddam Hussein and replaced by subsequent American appointed stooges, the latest being Haider Al-Abadi.

Since 1932, the people of Mosul and Iraq have never been Independent. Likewise, the operation to ‘take back’ Mosul has never been for the interest of the civilian population.

The entire exercise since the American invasion of Iraq, has been to achieve the following:
• Strengthen America’s stranglehold in Iraq and access to its wealth
• Ensure the division of Iraq and thereby weaken its strength
• Perpetuate sectarian fault lines to fuel instability, both in Iraq and the wider region
• Establish fear and hatred amongst minorities of ruling by Islam and specifically the Khilafah
• Build deep disillusionment in those sincere that travelled to Iraq simply looking to live under Islamic rule, but instead found oppression and brutality under ISIS
• Create a world opinion that Islam is not fit to be established as a political entity
• Provide the pretext for further draconian legislation and create a climate of intimidation and fear for Muslims living in the west
The lives, honor, wealth, beliefs (Muslims, Christians and others), security and future of Mosul and Iraq have been traded for all the above. This is the truth of America’s actions and that of other colonial powers.

As we hope for stability and security to return in Mosul, it is imperative that its people recognize this truth and not accept the lie of liberation being barked by Al-Abadi and his Western masters.

It is only Islam that can truly liberate people from the brutal western foreign policy and return stability, the unification of lands and its people, under the sincere leadership of the Khilafah; that is established solely upon the Prophetic method.