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Participation in the American Elections

In the Name of Allah (SWT), the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

The election season is upon us, certain Muslim leaders and organizations are once again pressuring the Muslim community to participate in the US elections. We respectfully remind our Muslim brothers and sisters the following undeniable facts to understand the nature of voting in a secular/democratic system:

1)    Allah SWT is the only Legislator who can declare something lawful or unlawful. Allah SWT says in Quran: “Indeed legislation (ruling, judgment, command) is only for Allah; He has commanded that you worship none but Him; this is the right religion but most people do not know.” (TMQ 12:40).
Humans do not have a right to make things lawful such as alcohol, pork, usury (riba), and homosexuality that are clearly forbidden in Islam.

2)    By voting in a democratic/secular system, we elect (authorize) humans to legislate and legalize evil (munkar) to rule by it. Allah SWT describes those who do not rule by His Sharia to be the disbelievers, oppressors or transgressors. “And whoever does not judge (rule) by what Allah has revealed, then it is those who are the disbelievers …oppressors… transgressors.” (TMQ 5:44, 45, 47)

3)    By voting for a president, we legitimize and give our power of attorney (wakala) who orders drone strikes killing innocent men, women and children. Let’s not own the responsibility of these killings and be held accountable on the Day of Judgment.

4)    Historically elected officials follow the agenda of big corporations even if it means going back on their electoral promises. There is no difference between Republican and Democratic. Both parties have proved to be disastrous for the Muslims. Trump and Clinton are no different as they are two sides of the same coin who have consistently proven to be loyal to the capitalist ideology. Trump has severely attacked minorities focusing on Muslims whereas Clinton supported the war George W Bush executed in Iraq, and oversaw Muslim bloodshed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Some of us have been misled by Muslims leaders to believe that seeking to vote is a means of “helping” or “benefiting” the Muslims in the United States or elsewhere. The fact remains that a Haraam action brings no lasting benefits according to the Islamic criteria of Jannah and Jahannam. Allah SWT says: “Besides Truth, nothing remains but falsehood” (TMQ 10:32). Remember, the prior misguided pursuit of “benefits” that led us to elect Bush and Obama resulting in sheer destruction of Muslim lives, honor, and intense Islamophobia.

O Muslims, let’s not be swayed again by election slogans, intimidation, or fear as these are evil tactics to assimilate Muslims. Let us instead place our utmost trust and reliance (tawwakal) upon Allah SWT. He is the sole Provider/Sustainer. Allah SWT alone controls our lives and our livelihood.

Clear-cut evidences from the Quran proclaim that participation in the November 8th election is a definite Haraam. It compromises the foundation of the Islamic Aqeedah. Allah SWT commands”…Help one another towards piety (birr) and reverence (taqwa); do not help one another towards sin and enmity…” (TMQ 5:2). Stay clear from participating in the elections and let us remind each other about this evident Haraam.

Hizb ut-Tahrir – America
6th day of Muharram, 1438
7th day of October, 2016

PDF – Participation in the American Elections