Khilafah Conference 2017 – Falsehood Perishes, Islam Prevails

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The second speech, “Falsehood Perishes, Islam Prevails”, addressed the false accusations against Islam as the source of perils in society, and how Islam, once implemented, will provide the solutions to societal problems. Speaker builds on the centrality of truth in Islam, in forming one’s identity and in speaking truth to power in the world we live in today, which currently breathes heavy under the grip of Capitalism. Truth, as vividly expressed in the talk, “is what defines us. We are a people who subscribe to restrictions put before us by the Creator of man, life, and universe. We are a people who established a science devoted to examining the truthfulness of men. We are a people that believe the highest of ranks in the next life are for those who speak truth in the face of tyranny.” And ultimately, we are a people who “are working for an alternative that people of all backgrounds will point to and say, ‘I want that for my family’.”