Islamic Political Activism on the Path of the Prophet (SAW)

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The third speech, “Islamic Political Activism on the Path of the Prophet (saaw)”, emphasized the need to use Islam as the only source of political activism in the community, the country, and the world. For instance, in face of splintering and manipulative media attacks “our communities should sponsor events in our masjids, Muslim student groups, and other organizations for Muslims to support each other and proactively initiating events to propagate Islamic perspective. Speaker clarified role of Hizb ut-Tahrir in America in helping the community maintain their Islamic principles, communicating that we are here to “help the masajids, the communities, organizations like MSAs and such, which are all working for the same objectives but may have differing views, where we can help educate the Muslims in the details of the systems of Islam and their application in today’s society as well as to help present Islam the only hope for humanity to the non-Muslim communities,” and the non-Muslims “who are truly waiting for an alternative to the failed ideologies of today.”