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Cholera in Yemen: 1,300 Dead, and 200,000 Innocent People Suffering

“And when the girl, who was buried alive, is asked. For what sin she was killed.” (TMQ At-Takwir 81:8-9)

The deadly outbreak of cholera has not left any impression on the warring factions in Yemen. The conflict continues.

After three years of conflict, the only outcome has been the devastation of a people, their homes, their land, starvation and now over 200,000 cases of cholera with more than 1,300 confirmed deaths.

When the regimes involved are asked to justify the conflict, they lay claim it is necessary to tackle terrorism, protect their borders and counter the influence of Iran. The ease by which these justifications are made draw parallels to Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, when questioned on whether the price was worth the killing of half a million children in Iraq due to US sanctions, she replied, “I think this is a hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it.” What a warmonger to be associated with!

And such claims should be clarified:

• Is it not terrorism to terrorise the innocent and civilian populations – or does this only apply in the streets of London, Manchester, New York, Paris, Sydney, Boston, Brussels? How the sacredness of Muslim blood has become cheap – and ultimately all for the sake of American interests
• Are these artificial borders, imposed since the Sykes-Picot agreement, worth ANY drop of Muslim blood? Nationalism is a cancer that pervades the body of the Muslims; and as puppets on strings, regimes are moved to maintain this division – even though Islam has offered (and demanded) them strength and success as a unified land, people and State.
• Though Iran may have regional ambitions – these only extend as long as the leash being held by American interests in the region. The shia-sunni divide is being exploited and exacerbated to further sow seeds of division (like in Iraq), justify western military presence and create future challenges for the returning Khilafah

So these claims carry no weight today and will weigh even less, when they will be asked to justify their crimes on that Day, when there is no shade except the shade of Allah (swt) throne.

As for Yemen, the tears flow and hearts bleed. And the situation of oppression (even if the conflict ends) will remain until there is an independent political will and leadership, established upon Islam.